Love cities.
Love sustainability.

Hi! I’m Nellie.
I’m a sustainability expert.
I write about London’s Anthropocene.

What is the Anthropocene? A new era of history where human action and unbridled globalism have pushed the planet toward a breaking point. Luckily, scientists, engineers, environmentalists, economists, social activists, youth groups, community groups, governments (I could go on) across the planet are working on solutions to a rapidly changing climate. Cities, as titans of industry, cultivators of mass culture, and home to over 55% of the population, play a particular role in the ongoing climate emergency.

LondonGreen started as a personal project to learn about climate action and sustainability initiatives happening across my new city. In my pre-London life I was the Sustainability Strategy Manager for the City of Providence. I have an MSc in Development Practice from Trinity College Dublin where I specialised in food systems and urban sustainability. I was born in London, but have lived in New York City, Los Angeles, and, for the most part, Providence Rhode Island. I’m obsessed with my dog Basil and am a recipient of two Rhode Island Press Association awards. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years. I’d love to co-own a restaurant one day.

LondonGreen is both a collection of London-based articles from trusted sources and a platform for original climate content.

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