OPINION: Why I’m Voting Green
(and why it’s not a dirty secret anymore)

“The Green Party is called “radically socialist,” but are we not living in pre-apocalyptic times that require radical solutions? Are we not, at this very moment, stuck inside our homes thanks to a GLOBAL PANDEMIC that’s condemned our already fragile economic structure?”

Nellie de Goguel | 23 May 202

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Lucky Enough to Have a Garden in London? 12 Ways to Rewild your Land

“The land taken up by gardens in the UK is greater than the area of all our national nature reserves. [Everyone with outside space] can become a nature reserve manager. You can do really simple things to affect biodiversity where you live.”

Professor of Ecology Mark Fellows quoted by Amy Fleming, The Guardian | 14 May 2020

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West London Graveyard Returns to Nature

“The graveyard’s neglect has led to angels without heads, collapsing gravestones and even some vandalism, but you could look at the nature takeover as a good thing – the idea that the peaceful final resting place can also be home to flourishing new plants and animal life is quite romantic.”

Ellie McKinnell, MyLondon | 13 May 2020

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Waste Heat from London Underground Powers 550 Homes, a Primary School & Leisure Centre

“They want it to be a celebration of how our cities will function. It’s about local providers producing power, reducing carbon, pollution and the energy losses from the grid.”

Cullinan Studio partner Alex Abbey quoted by Veronica Simpson, CityMetric ] 8 May 2020

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How Sustainable is the London Marathon? Read the Report

“Imagine thousands of athletes drinking rivers of water and ripping off (and leaving behind) enough sweaty activewear to fill the Tooting Bec Lido. Not ideal swimming conditions. Not too great for the environment.”

Nellie de Goguel, LondonGreen | 12 May 2020

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World cannot return to
‘business as usual’ after Covid-19,
say Mayors

“We need to come out of this embracing a new normal and with a renewed drive to address the climate emergency.”

Mayor Sadiq Khan quoted by Matthew Taylor, The Guardian | 7 May 2020

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A Look Inside the Most Sustainable
Office Tower in London

“The terra-cotta fins of the building provide natural shading, which together with a radiant cooling system significantly reduces the energy consumption of the building.”

Mike Phillips, Biznow | 27 April 2020

buildings, placemaking, design, energy efficiency

Sustainable food and furniture features
in zero-waste London restaurant Silo

“Mycelium, which is the vegetative part of fungi, has been used to create the pendant lamps, tables and seating poufs in the casual lounge area, where guests can enjoy cocktails.”

Natasha Levy, de zeen | 23 April 2020

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Nellie de Goguel
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